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A visualisation tool to manifest the relationship you dream of

Visualising the relationship you dream of

Take a moment, close your eyes, allow your attention to go forward in time – perhaps about 5 years into the future, where you are settled in the relationship that you dream of. Imagine that you are holding both hands of the person you dream of being with, what does it feel like to hold those hands? Slowly look up at their face into their eyes, what do you see in those eyes? What do you see in that face? Who is that person looking back into your eyes with love? Who is your dream partner?

What is your dream partner like.. their personality?; Their values?; Their strengths and weaknesses? What is their story? What do they do? How does it feel to be with them?

What type of relationship do you have in the dream scenario? How you share love? How do you communicate? How do you fight? How do you make love? What does it feel like to be in this type of relationship? 

Where are you when you are in the relationship you dream of? Who is around you?  What is present in the future relationship that you dream of? How does it feel to be in these settings? 

Spend some time with your dream to really feel what it is like to be in the relationship you dream of. Then write all of this down.


Often the first step in our process to find love is to visualise the relationship that our clients dream of. We do this for the following reasons:

  1. For us and our clients to really map out what the dream relationship is
  2. To make that dream more real, so that the brain and body actually starts to feel what that dream feels like
  3. To inspire action that creates pathways towards the dream
  4. To teach the body what it feels like to be in the dream relationship so that you recognise it when it shows up.

Sometimes the relationship you are looking for, if it is that deep, secure, consciously magical relationship, might not have a template in your mind or body. You might not have experienced it before nor might you have been exposed to that type of relationship before. We therefore want to spend some time building that familiarity.

We are attracted to familiarity. So often we are going towards familiar patterns and for many of us, these patterns may not be so healthy. A way to break the pattern is to teach the body the healthy template that you desire

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