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Welcome to Lemarc Thomas Matchmaking Agency, combining the art of matchmaking with the science of love to provide a conscious approach to finding your relationship.

We feel privileged to host a membership network of single people you probably won’t meet online. Without exception, we work exclusively with clients whom we are proud and passionate to introduce to potential matches, and, who are ready and available to meet the love of their life.

Citizens of the world, our clients are often well-known, well-accomplished, smart, conscious people who care about connection and don’t just want any relationship, they want the right one.

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Where the matching happens

The Match Palace

Find us, the Matchmakers, at the Match Palace, in Stockholm, Sweden – historically this was where Ivar Kreuger, the ‘Match King’, headquartered Swedish Match, making matches (in a box).

If you are interested in working with us, you are welcome to the Match Palace for a private, confidential and discreet meeting. Some of our clients fly in or we travel around the world to meet them, but being environmentally conscious, we are also available via telephone and video conference call in the first instance.

Free matchmaking consultation

Not sure if we are a perfect match? Book a matchmaking consultation with Lemarc Thomas.

Lemarc and Mikaela are true professionals with polished people-skills. They did a great job as matchmakers with a personable approach and are reliable. I highly recommend them.
Carl, Athlete/ Entrepreneur, Spain
We are having a great time. Finding what I was looking for was scary so I am grateful. I feel like a teenager again. Thank you.
Mikael, Pharma Entrepreneur, Denmark
I thought every introduction could have been the one. I was so surprised and impressed. But when I met Sara, my life turned upside down and I was convinced that she was the one for me.
Patrik, CEO/ Investor, Sweden
I’m impressed at how quickly I got to a space of presence and vulnerability. I might not have always been comfortable but I am where I wanted to be. It felt so good having a team take over my love life – much more effective than me stabbing in the dark
Ola, Healthcare Public Figure, Norway
This process has not only impacted my love life, but now I have a better relationship with myself, my family, friends and colleagues. Mikaela and Lemarc genuinely care and even though I was probably their most difficult client, they didn’t give up on helping me reach results. I definitely received way more than I signed up for and I thought that they were just going to introduce me to great matches. I didn’t expect that they would change my life.
Henry, Impact Investor, UK
My coaching was powerful, vulnerable and authentic. Lemarc created a safe space for me to share and I found him to be wise and unique. Our consultation gave me clarity and the courage to raise my standards as well as realise my own beauty.
Jaya, Stylist, Sweden

Meet the matchmakers

Founder and CEO

Lemarc Thomas

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“The gentle but determined cupid” – The Telegraph

Lemarc Thomas has become known internationally as a dating, relationship and matchmaking expert, who has helped hundreds of people globally find love.

With a background in Psychology, Lemarc worked in high-end matchmaking in London. But after falling dizzy in love, he decided (only a day after meeting his life partner) to move to Sweden. This became the opportunity for the ‘new matchmaking’, with a mission to change the industry and impact the way we love. Honest, ethical matchmaking, promoting conscious relationships.

Head of Private Matchmaking

Sanna Letzén

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Sanna leads our private clients’ matchmaking process. Sanna has high energy, high empathy, she loves to gain a deep connection with our clients and then eagerly helps them find the right match.

Born with a natural gift for connecting people.

Sanna studied Marketing Communication and has a Masters in Economics and Political Science, but after starting her own family, realised her passion for relationships and, alongside Matchmaking, she is studying to become a Couples Therapist.

After getting a deep understanding of clients’ needs, Sanna leads a seriously elaborate global partner search – searching for, interviewing and assessing potential matches for our clients. She may search the world to find your ideal match, but she knows it’s not about finding the perfect partner, but creating a perfectly imperfect partnership.

Dating Coach and Happiness Consultant

Linnea Molander

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Our professional dating coach and consultant of all things happiness. Linnea is a dating expert with a background in Positive Psychology. After studying the science of happiness, coaching and neuroscience, Linnea has had incredible success in helping people achieve their relationship goals. People come to Linnea looking for love and she unleashes the love inside.

All over the media, she is on TV4, Sveriges Radio, DN, Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, MindBodyGreen, Aftonbladet, SvD and many more including being an expert for

A coach is a luxury everyone should have.

Conscious Matchmaker and Coach

Kristina Kind


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Kristina is a matchmaker, coach and our singles network manager. 

With her international background, Kristina is inspired to connect with people around the world and meet them in their search for love. 

Kristina has an MBA from Stockholm School of Economics in International Business and a Masters in Psychology from Capella and Walden Universities. She has spent most of her professional life supporting people through lifestyle and career coaching. Alongside her professional and academic experience, Kristina’s personal life with family and relationships have given her valuable insights and skills to pull from when seeking compatible matches for our clients. 

Kristina’s approach is genuine, intuitive, and empowering. She will make you aware of who you are and inspire you to open up and find a soulmate while furthering your fulfilment in life.

Conscious Matchmaker

Elin Ribjer


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Over the last 2 years Elin has been working Lemarc Thomas co-running the Swedish Love Professions and delivering our 4 steps to love group coaching programme and online workshops. With this experience, she joined our conscious matchmaking team as a Matchmaker and Partner Search Executive. 

After realising the importance of relationships in life Elin has been on a path to help people learn more about love and build better relationships. Her podcast, Sa kan det ga, is the top relationship podcast in Sweden. 

Elin is warm and kind and makes everyone feel safe and seen, and underneath that, she has a burning passion and fire that is inspiring and gets the result. 

Get in touch if you are interested in being a client or being a part of our network.

Dating Photographer

Happy Kihlgren


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Happy is our in house dating photographer, making sure our clients have great shots that represent who they are. 

Happy is a talented artist, specialising in light painting – he paints with light. Happy combines his passion for photography and interest in relationships to help people improve their chances of finding the right match by presenting their true best self. 

Studies suggest that professional and personal photos can increase your match rate by 60%. Get in touch with Happy and book your dating photo shoot!

Happy’s art has been exhibited at places such as Fotografiska and Nackakonsthall. Currently you can purchase his work at Absolut Art, NK.


From € 25 000 
  • 12 month programme 
  • Your personal matchmaking and relationship consultation team 
  • We gain deep understanding of who you are and what you really need. 
  • Carry out a seriously elaborate partner search
  • Hand select matches based on your requirements, needs and wants
  • Carefully curated introductions
  • Us in your corner, giving the support/ tough love, holding a space to fulfil your intensions (based on our philosophy of how to meet love)

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Invitation or referral only


If you have received an invitation or have been referred, as a guest member, you may apply to be a part of our network (of exceptional people open to love) here.

 As an open member you understand our philosophy of how to meet love, you appreciate our values and support our mission to impact the world with love. 


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Frequently Asked Questions about Matchmaking
How does the matchmaking process work?
The matchmaking process starts with an initial matchmaking consultation to gain a deep understanding of who you are and what you need in a relationship. We then start to search for, screen and assess potential matches for you. We meet hundreds of people on your behalf and introduce you to the few who have a better chance of mutual compatibility. We are always on the hunt for the right match for you. We call you to tell you about matches over the phone, share photographs and if both you and your match are happy to meet, we will introduce you. We have a 12-month matchmaking process. During this time, we learn about you, gather feedback from matches, you learn about yourself, and we refine what we are looking for in your match.
How does your matchmaking agency make introductions?
If we identify a match, we usually contact you to tell you about your match over the phone. We also share a brief profile with photos and if both of you are interested in meeting, we make an introduction, exchanging only a first name and mobile number. Then it’s over to you. Get in touch with each other to arrange a date and call us after you have met to let us know how it went. We will gather feedback from both of you after you have met.
Why would I need a matchmaking agency to find love?
There are a number of things that a matchmaking agency provides which are important to our client group:

  • Security – many of our clients are well-known or have public profiles where they cannot or would not use online dating services. They need a more careful, secure, private, confidential, and discreet dating agency.
  • Service – our clients value a very high level of service. They appreciate having experts assist them in the important matters of their lives.
  • Time – many people say that finding love can be a full-time job, and our clients know that time is their most valuable resource, so they would prefer to outsource the heavy search and only meet a few carefully selected people.
  • Quality – our clients want quality over quantity.
  • Human – There is a growing group of people who long for a more human way to find love.
What guarantees are there when working with a matchmaker?
Well, a matchmaking agency can never guarantee you love. However, we can guarantee you high quality introductions. In our smallest program, we guarantee 8 introductions approved by you, within 12 months. We can also guarantee you a very high level of personal service in your matchmaking process – we have regular, usually weekly contact with you and we put a lot of care and attention into your needs. Our clients are highly satisfied with our level of service. We guarantee that as a bonus of our process, you will discover new things about yourself and this learning is invaluable.
Who are your matchmaking clients?
We work with incredible people. Naturally, they are all very different, but what they have in common is that they are serious about finding love and don’t want to leave it to chance. Our clients often say they would prefer to remain single than be with the wrong person, after all they have fabulous lives. Our clients are interesting and inspiring people, those of affluence and influence. Many are powerful people, highly accomplished, well-respected. They are intelligent, many are contributing to the world and are citizens of the world.
What are the requirements to join your matchmaking agency?
We are not for everyone, so we do want to ensure that we are a good match with our clients. We want to ensure that we can have an excellent relationship where we can navigate both depth and shallows together. We only take on matchmaking clients who are ready and available for a serious romantic relationship. We also want to know that we will be successful in finding the right match for our client, so we want to know that they are realistic and reasonable in their desires and that we have the network of singles to find their match.