Lemarc Thomas and Mikaela Berg, mission to impact the world with love

Our dream for better relationships

Roots to Love

Lemarc Thomas Matchmaking’s mission for a better world through better relationships. A dream called Roots to Love.

Imagine a world where instead of fear, we felt freedom. Where, as babies, our caregivers were emotionally responsive and filled us with unconditional love. As children, our needs for basic safety, self-expression, connection to others, autonomy and realistic limits were met. Where, as parents, we had made sense of our past and passed on gifts to our children, rather than wounds.

Imagine a world where we grow up knowing that we are worthy, that we are good, that we are love.

Imagine a world where we had space for emotions, we knew how to feel and express rather than avoid or supress. Imagine a world where instead of waiting for someone to come along and fulfil needs we never knew we had, we understood our needs and knew how to communicate them to get them fulfilled.

Imagine a world where we accepted pain as a part of life and reduced suffering. Imagine a world where we had the tools to deal with conflict. A world where we use dialogue as our tool rather than weapons.

Imagine a world where we knew how to heal our wounds and rather than hurting other people with our buried pain, we healed others with our love. Imagine a world where kindness, compassion and love were at the core of behaviour.

Imagine many loved individuals, in loving communities and the type of world we might create.

This is our dream at Lemarc Thomas Matchmaking… It’s not a utopian one; we don’t seek a world of all butterflies and rainbows when there is so much beauty in the dark and stormy. We believe that this is a template to meet love within and live a life of love. It is our mission to impact the world with love: to create the change we want to see in the world starting from the roots, love and relationships; to celebrate love; and to facilitate loving connection.

We are coaching, matching and introducing a niche group of people, by way of slow, old-fashioned, hands-on, personal and human service – and we do this one by one. In this way our reach is small, but our learnings are huge and our dreams even bigger. Therefore, we share these with you so that you can help us spread the love.

If you would like to become an ambassador or Lemarc Thomas Matchmaking to help us in our mission, please do get in touch!

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