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Let’s talk (communicate mindfully) about sex

This week, when the matchmakers (Mikaela and Lemarc) sat down to talk about our challenge towards conscious dating and relationships, we thought as it’s the third post and we’ve wooed you a little, we can now talk about sex… and more specifically sexual languages. 

By now a lot of people know about Gary Chapman’s Love Languages, suggesting that we all have different ways in which we like to give and receive love. But did you know that we also have different sexual languages? Yes, it’s good to be mindful that we have more in common than that which divides us, but in an intimate relationship one can be quite unaware of some important individual differences. Explore, observe, accept and appreciate these differences and it will lead you to deeper connection. 

So, rather than us writing insightfully (as we do) about different sexual languages, we thought we’d refer you directly to the experts so you can hear it from the horses mouth so to speak. Here below you’ll find two links:

First one to a podcast with sexologist Yaiya and her partner Ian, interviewed by Ana Yoerg. In this interview Yaiya dives deeply into our different sexual languages and what she calls our Erotic Blueprint.

Second link is to the test they mention in the podcast.

Have a listen, do the test, and get more aware of your Erotic Blueprint.

And with that we we wish you a wonderful, sexy weekend! 


Click here for the podcast – wired for pleasure. 

Click here for the survey – find you your erotic blueprint. 

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