Gay and Lesbian Matchmaking

We are proud to match and introduce our exceptional gay and lesbian clients and see them meet long-lasting love.

If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else? RuPaul.

Being gay and in a gay marriage, our founder Lemarc Thomas has a special interest in gay and lesbian relationships.

In fact, we are proud that Lemarc, and his husband, Michael, were the first same-sex couple to marry on the tiny British Island of St Helena, in the South Atlantic – where Lemarc was born. Lemarc and Michael were instrumental in changing the marriage law there. 

We provide a bespoke matchmaking, coaching and introductions service to our gay and lesbian clients, here in Stockholm and around the world.

Our gay and lesbian clients, like all of our clients, are extraordinary people. Those who stand out in a crowd. Smart, cultured, accomplished and conscious… often contributing and making a difference in the world. They may consider themselves ordinary, but in truth they are all rather interesting and inspiring. And we are always excited to make an introduction.

We take the time to explore the core of who you are and what you need in a relationship. Then we do the heavy lifting of searching for, interviewing and assessing matches for you. You are then presented with a smaller number of carefully selected matches with a high change of compatibility.

Whilst you are flawless, you will also need some real talk. So we provide advice, guidance, feedback and coaching along the way.

We ensure you meet your match. 90% of our clients meet their goal of being in a relationship. Get in touch for a consultation to explore how we can help you.

PRIVATE Membership

From € 25 000
  • 12 months
  • Your personal matchmaker
  • A seriously elaborate international partner search
  • Hand selected matches based on your requirements, needs and wants
  • Unlimited introductions
  • Dating and relationship consultation based on our philosophy of how to meet love

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Open Membership


You are welcome to apply as an open member to become a part of our network of awesome people open to love and be considered for matchmaking and introductions.

As an open member you understand our philosophy of how to meet love, you appreciate our values and support our mission to impact the world with love. 

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